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Walking in leg irons (16 Sep)
A treeish passage from Westeros (15 Jun)
"The New Sylva" by Hemery and Simblet (25 May)
Lies being told by Fungus-HoH (CelticSoul) (5 May)
The Female Slave Market in Constantinople (1 Mar)
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"Odalisque" by Max Nonnenbruch
Wood stack
"By order of the sultan" by Antonio Fabres
lyta loading the trolley
lyta pulling the trolley
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Tanos's blog

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16 Sep 14   Walking in leg irons
I've uploaded a video to YouTube showing the kind of leg iron training I did with lyta before I took her to work alongside mia at Bridgewood for the first time. This video uses the pony walker bar attached to a ring in a ceiling in my cellars. [more...]
15 Jun 14   A treeish passage from Westeros
Like many people I've been watching "Game of Thrones" but also reading far ahead in the books. In "Dreams and Dust", there's a passage about trees (no spoilers): [more...]
25 May 14   "The New Sylva" by Hemery and Simblet
I've been reading my copy of "The New Sylva" which arrived in the post this week, and I'm very impressed. Inspired by John Evelyn's 1664 book on forestry, "Sylva", Hemery and Simblet's long-awaited work is visually presented in the black and red ink style of the seventeenth century, but the content is entirely modern in outlook. It delivers sound advice and insights into how we must manage our woodlands and what they provide to society and to individuals, for our economic, cultural, and emotional well-being. The book also includes written portraits [more...]
5 May 14   Lies being told by Fungus-HoH (CelticSoul)
One of the more unpleasant aspects of the BDSM scene is the way some people spead lies about people. Sometimes the motivation is to damage the reputation of the victim, but sometimes it's just to make the liar seem more interesting, more connected, or more experienced. Yesterday someone called CelticSoul on FetLife was telling a pack of lies about me at an event in Blackpool yesterday, but luckily friends who were there have warned me what has been said. My view is that the best way to deal with liars is to expose them in public, and so I'm making [more...]
1 Mar 14   The Female Slave Market in Constantinople
When the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in 1453 they kept the city's ancient name, and it only changed to "Istanbul" during the Turkish republic in the 1920s. The Ottoman Empire was built on slavery in many ways, not only because the bureaucracy and professional army were staffed by male slaves conscripted in the provinces, but also because the Sultans themselves were the sons of slave concubines kept in the Imperial Harem. [more...]
22 Feb 14   YKIOK: Your Kink Is OK
"Your Kink Is OK" was one of the best features of the old alt.sex.bondage newsgroup. It was a warm and reassuring message for new people, an ethical guide, and an attempt to create an open space where people could talk about BDSM without being slammed for it. FetLife could do with a dose of all that. [more...]
17 Feb 14   From the slave market to the sultan's bedchamber
"Magnificent Century" ("Muhtesem Yuzyil") is a long running Turkish television drama about the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century, including the life of the women in his harem. I've posted about watching the first episode, and included its bastinado scene in a post about making a falaka stick. Recently I watched Episode 65, the second installment of season 3, which includes that bastinado punishment, and I've collected clips which tell the story of another [more...]
15 Jan 14   Viewing "An inmate of the hareem, Cairo" and "The Hhareem, Cairo" at the V&A
I recently had an opportunity to view two of J.F. Lewis's paintings at the Victoria and Albert Museum collection which are not normally on display. In the foreground is "An inmate of the Hareem, Cairo" of 1858; in front of my laptop is a preparatory study for "The Harem of a Mameluke Bey, Cairo: The Introduction of an Abyssinian Slave" from about 1850. The study only shows the harem master and his attendant women seated on the divan, and does not include the new slave girl slipping [more...]
23 Dec 13   Reclaiming the woodland rides
This weekend I did some work clearing the paths and rides at Bridgewood. The wood is a great place for thinking through ideas, and while I was working it struck me that I was undoing the wood's efforts to reclaim the rides this year. I never feel I'm "at war" with the trees, but I know they have a different agenda to me and will start work on it if my back is turned too long. [more...]
21 Nov 13   Protest against "Rape" Porn censorship law, London, 16 Dec '13
Josh writes: "David Cameron's most recent attempt at banning porn altogether for the UK public is set to take effect in January 2014. However, this pornography ban will not take the form of Internet Service Providers just censoring those sites (Internet filters, BBC, 2013) but will come with a maximum THREE YEAR PRISON SENTENCE to anybody caught in possession of or watching porn depicting simulated consensual non-consent sex." [more...]

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