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Conservatives promise to ban FetLife etc from UK if elected (4 Apr)
The Duke of Burgundy (2 Mar)
Roman Holiday (25 Feb)
Club Lash finds its feet again (14 Feb)
KinkPodcasts.com refresh (2 Feb)
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mia in duct tape
Steel plate and violet wand
Subby the sub
Roman slave collar
Collars in "Spartacus"
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Tanos's blog

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4 Apr 15   Conservatives promise to ban FetLife etc from UK if elected
ISPs will have to ban foreign sites with pornography if they do not verify age of visitors: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32180744 [more...]
2 Mar 15   The Duke of Burgundy
The other mainstream BDSM film release this year has been Peter Strickland's The Duke of Burgundy, which mia and I went to see tonight at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. It's a surprisingly aware film about a relationship involving D/s, but I found its ending unsatisfying so 6/10. [more...]
25 Feb 15   Roman Holiday
mia and I had a long weekend in Rome this month, and we fitted in a lot of modern Italian and ancient Roman sightseeing, and took lots of photos. I've collected a few of them in this post, that might be of interest to some of us here. The first is this slave collar and ID tag from the later Roman Empire. [more...]
14 Feb 15   Club Lash finds its feet again
We weren't able to go to the Club Lash re-opening last month, and so this month I changed travel plans to get me back to Manchester earlier than planned so we could go last night. mia and I were buzzing afterwards on the way home, as it feels like the old Lash is back :) [more...]
2 Feb 15   KinkPodcasts.com refresh
I've had a bit of scene hibernation period over the last couple of months but I'm starting to come out of it and one of the first things is dealing with my backlog of Things To Do. One of these was fixing and updating the very simple but highly useful website KinkPodcasts.com [more...]
20 Nov 14   Receiving the first Annual Riverman Toast
November 15th saw the first Annual Riverman Toast, organised during the Birmingham Fetish Weekend by Vestra. This is a new event format and quite like a gallery opening or a formal reception: an evening event that isn't a meal but is more structured and formal than a party. [more...]
16 Sep 14   Walking in leg irons
I've uploaded a video showing the kind of leg iron training I did with lyta before I took her to work alongside mia at Bridgewood for the first time. This video uses the pony walker bar attached to a ring in a ceiling in my cellars. [more...]
15 Jun 14   A treeish passage from Westeros
Like many people I've been watching "Game of Thrones" but also reading far ahead in the books. In "Dreams and Dust", there's a passage about trees (no spoilers): [more...]
25 May 14   "The New Sylva" by Hemery and Simblet
I've been reading my copy of "The New Sylva" which arrived in the post this week, and I'm very impressed. Inspired by John Evelyn's 1664 book on forestry, "Sylva", Hemery and Simblet's long-awaited work is visually presented in the black and red ink style of the seventeenth century, but the content is entirely modern in outlook. It delivers sound advice and insights into how we must manage our woodlands and what they provide to society and to individuals, for our economic, cultural, and emotional well-being. The book also includes written portraits [more...]
1 Mar 14   The Female Slave Market in Constantinople
When the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in 1453 they kept the city's ancient name, and it only changed to "Istanbul" during the Turkish republic in the 1920s. The Ottoman Empire was built on slavery in many ways, not only because the bureaucracy and professional army were staffed by male slaves conscripted in the provinces, but also because the Sultans themselves were the sons of slave concubines kept in the Imperial Harem. [more...]

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